Clearly Christian Podcast Interview


I recently had the privilege of having an honest conversation about worldview, culture, and the next generation on the Clearly Christian Podcast with Dr. Cy Smith. We talk about how worldview matters like never before and one of the most important tasks of Christian parents, pastors, and educators is to guard and develop a Biblical Worldview. 

You can listen or watch the podcast interview below:


Emma Jasmine said…
Wow, what an insightful interview! I loved how the podcast delved deep into faith and spirituality, offering listeners a chance to reflect and connect with their beliefs on a deeper level. This interview was such a breath of fresh air! It's refreshing to hear conversations about Christianity that are honest, open, and relatable.his Church Podcast interview resonated with me on a profound level! The transparency and vulnerability displayed by both the guest and host created a space for authentic dialogue that is all too rare in today's world. It's reassuring to know that even in the midst of doubt and struggle, God's presence remains steadfast, guiding us through life's tumultuous waters. I extend my sincerest gratitude to the creators for their commitment to fostering genuine conversations that nourish the soul and eagerly anticipate future episodes that promise to inspire and uplift.

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