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Can You Trust the Bible? Science Proves the Bible

What is truth? How do we know it?  We are witnessing a battle of worldviews in our culture. At the heart of this culture war is a disagreement about the source of truth.  This battle is one which has not left the church untouched. One recent article in the headlines demonstrates how even some churches are struggling with the source of truth. GracePointe church in Nashville, TN  in 2021 posted the following image to recap a sermon in their discussion of "progressive Christianity." If the Bible is not a source of truth, what is? How does one even define Christianity or Christian belief if the authority for truth is removed? It will inevitably devolve into a subjective and shallow religious experience or just an expression of our own culture's values.  Thankfully, though, even if this kind of thinking about truth and the Bible is widespread, there are still a majority of U.S. adults who believe that the Bible IS God's Word according to a recent Barna study .  This is goo

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