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Remembering Dad - Richard D. Leineweber Jr. (1953-2022)

It has been over a year since I lost my dad, at least for a season, we will be reunited one day.  You can read his obituary here .  It is Father's Day, an appropriate time to remember and honor the man who influenced me more than any other. You might not know my dad, so here are a few things that come to my mind when I think of him.  He Loved Jesus Having given his life to Christ in college, Dad never lost his love and excitement for Jesus. His life had been changed! Dad served God faithfully as a pastor for decades and finished well! Too many stories are out there of pastors lacking integrity, compromising morally, etc. Not my dad. He was, what he preached, imperfect, of course, but tirelessly dedicated to following Jesus and also overwhelmed with thankfulness for the grace of God in his life.  He loved God's Word and studied it ALL THE TIME. He knew the Bible better than the vast majority of professors I have had in seminary. I am not exaggerating. He believed God's Word

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